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PHOTOS: Hong Kong police storm university held by protestersPolice breached a Hong Kong university campus held by protesters early Monday after an all-night siege that included firing repeated barrages of tear gas and water cannons. Anti-government protesters have barricaded themselves inside Hong Kong Polytechnic University for days.

11/18/2019 1:26:15 PM

PHOTOS: Deadly shooting at California football partyFour people were killed and six more wounded when “unknown suspects” sneaked into a backyard filled with people at a party in central California and fired into the crowd, police said.

11/18/2019 7:09:09 AM

Israeli military says 4 rockets fired from Syria interceptedThe Israeli military said it intercepted four incoming rockets from Syria on Tuesday and explosions were heard shortly after that in Damascus, a week after another Israeli strike targeted a top Palestinian militant in the Syrian capital. Israeli air defense systems captured the projectiles, the military said, and no harm was caused to Israeli communities in the Golan Heights after warning sirens awoke residents there early in the morning. There was no immediate official comment from Syria but the SANA state news agency reported explosions were heard near Damascus International Airport, indicating a potential Israeli retaliatory strike.

11/19/2019 12:41:25 AM

'Vicious, senseless': Patrick Frazee gets life sentence for killing fiancée, burning bodyKelsey Berreth was last seen with her infant daughter on a grocery store video on Thanksgiving Day 2018. Her body was never found.

11/19/2019 5:46:07 AM

Israel's settlers and the Palestinians they live amongOne is an Israeli settler, the other a Palestinian living across the road. Israel's settlements in the occupied West Bank are one of the most heated issues in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Palestinians want the area, captured by Israel in a 1967 war, for a future state.

11/19/2019 3:34:48 AM

Ukraine ex-president named witness in power abuse probeUkraine's former president Petro Poroshenko has been designated a witness in a criminal investigation related to the nomination of judges, the state investigation bureau said on Monday. Poroshenko has been embroiled in a number of investigations since leaving office in May. "His status is that of a witness," a spokeswoman for the state investigation bureau, which handles high-profile cases, told AFP.

11/18/2019 11:35:30 AM

Accuser: Jeffrey Epstein's home had cameras "monitoring private moments"Maria Farmer, who is suing the Epstein estate, says she saw cameras being monitored throughout his Manhattan home

11/17/2019 11:45:59 PM

Russia's Monster Typhoon Submarines: Now Tricked Out with 200 Cruise Missiles?Each carries as many as 200 cruise missiles.

11/17/2019 5:00:00 PM

John Oliver Says If You Want to Irritate Donald Trump, Fill Out the 2020 Census“This administration clearly thinks that some people don’t count,” Oliver says.

11/18/2019 2:38:52 AM

Hong Kong Police Trap Student Protesters at University, Demand they ‘Drop Their Weapons’ and SurrenderStudent protesters at Hong Kong Polytechnic University were besieged Monday morning by police forces that blocked all routes leading from the campus.Protests began in June in response to legislation that would have allowed extradition of prisoners to the Chinese mainland, in what many in Hong Kong viewed as an encroachment upon their relative independence from China. The protests have grown steadily more violent in the ensuing months as the response of police has become more aggressive.38 people were injured Sunday as students battled with police at the university, using catapults and bows and arrows to fend off officers in riot gear, according to the New York Times. Demonstrators set a police van on fire while many students were pelted by police water cannons.Police have told protesters to "drop their weapons" and surrender to arrest, blocking all exits from the campus. About a hundred people demonstrated in front of the police cordon near the university on Sunday, some of whom appeared to be mothers of students trapped inside."Most of the people here are parents," Claudia Mo, a pro-democracy lawmaker, told the Times. "They realize once their children get out they will be immediately arrested. They just want to take a look at their kid and see if he or she is O.K.""Please let my daughter go," said one woman who knelt in front of police officers and threatened to "jump from a building in front of you," according to the Wall Street Journal.On Monday, Hong Kong's high court ruled that a recently implemented ban on face masks was unconstitutional, striking a blow against security forces attempting to use facial-recognition software to arrest demonstrators.Students at Hong Kong Polytechnic who are arrested and convicted of rioting could face up to ten years in prison.

11/18/2019 12:10:56 PM
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